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New Balega Enduro socks in front of vast mountain range.
#BalegasWithAView Contest & Travel Advice


Summer may be winding down, but we know that doesn’t mean you’re slowing down! We want to give you the chance to show off the amazing places where you run, bike and hike in your Balega socks with the #BalegasWithAView photo contest. Starting August 25th, tag your photos (or videos) on Instagram with #BalegasWithAView as well as @Balega_International. We’re looking for beautiful imagery, colorful scenes, and epic landscapes that also feature your Balega socks (see photo examples featured in this blog).


So what are you entering to win? You’ll be one of the first people to get your hands-- we mean feet -- on:
1. Three pairs of our NEW Enduro Balega socks
2. A National Parks Pass so you can continue to explore after the contest is over! 

The contest will run through Labor Day and end 12pm EST on Sunday, September 9th.  Individuals can have multiple entries and will be announced the following week. We encourage Instagram Story posts but those will not be counted as an entry. The contest kicks off August 25th so get out there and start tagging! 


As you begin to plan your upcoming adventures, we’re sharing some travel tips for athletes to keep you safe, dry, and having fun during your next trip or outdoor pursuit. 

1) Do Your Research Ahead of Time
Whether it’s trail maps, books, TripAdvisor or a few Google searches, you’ll want to have a good plan of action once you get to your destination. It helps to map out the places you must see, trails you want to try, and experiences you want to have before you go. Often times, booking tickets/tours or getting a parks pass can save you money and guarantee you won’t miss out on what you want to do. It’s also good to ask for recommendations on social media from people who have visited your destination before. By understanding the nuances of your destination and planning out your stops, you’ll be able to get the most out of the trip.

2) Pack The Right Gear

For many of us, we panic a little when it comes to choosing what clothes, shoes, and other gear to include in our suitcase. If you’re planning an outdoor trip, pack clothing that is moisture wicking and antimicrobial. Clothes that contain cotton don’t breathe as well.  When it comes to socks, we recommend the Balega Silver for travel as they keep your feet healthy, dry, and odor free. Doing research ahead of time will also help you to understand temperature swings and whether or not you’ll need clothing to keep you warm. Finally, consider multi-purpose shoes. Running shoes are also great for walking around and sightseeing, hiking, and getting out and about. 

3) Have A Plan B Ready 
It’s the worst when plans don’t go how we want them to. With recent wildfires, hurricanes, hail and flooding across the U.S., it’s important to keep an eye on the weather before you travel and also to research things to do if there’s unexpected weather, a trail closure or any other issues that could impact something you want to see/do or your entire trip.  It’s always a good idea to stop into the local tourism office to talk about what there is to do in the area rain or shine. Pro tip: If booking lodging, consider places that allow free cancellation up to your date of visit.

4) Be Outdoor Smart
If you are an adventure traveller, you’ll want to take into account the elements and also the rules/regulations. Many National Parks don’t allow dogs on their trails or anywhere that a car can’t go. Consider leaving your four-legged hiking buddy at home. Keep wildlife in mind, too. . If camping, keep your food in bear safe containers or dispose of it in bear-proof trash cans.  Never keep food in your tent. Finally, have respect for the destination you are visiting. Check for trail rules, obey closures, alternate routes and park hours, stay on the trails and please never litter. Pack out what you pack in! Finally, come prepared with a map, compass, and other survival gear. Better to be safe than sorry. 

5) Hydrate
Whether you’re flying or driving, make water a priority. Bring an empty water bottle with you through security and fill it up before getting on the plane. Order water during your meals. Keep a large container of water in your car if you’re traveling on a road trip for refills..  And finally, if you’re out on an adventure and in a new place, be sure to take an adequate amount of water with you in case it’s hotter than expected, in case it your adventure takes you longer than you planned or if you get lost (we hope not!). We recommend an array of products from FuelBelt, whether you prefer handhelds or hydration belts, for staying hydrated on the go without taking up too much room in your suitcase or carry on.  Also, consider a packable water filter, like the MSR TrailShot or the Katadyn BeFree in case you won’t have access to clean drinking water. 

We hope these tips help you to enjoy your next travel experience! Be sure to enter your scenic Balega photos into our #BalegasWithAView contest by September 9th, 2018! Happy exploring! 

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