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Silver is Here - Our Most Technical Performing Sock to Date

As far as socks go, Balega offers a multitude of features that runners need: blister-resist technology to keep you focused and your feet happy, ultra durable blends of Mohair and Drynamix Polyester offering climate control, and now our most innovative advancement in sock technology yet: silver.

Silver is Here

Silver isn’t just for jewelry anymore, this lustrous metal possesses the highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and reflectivity of any metal, and it’s starting to make its way into the textile industry. The newest line encapsulates silver ions for lasting antibacterial properties and performance (silver interrupts the bacteria cell’s ability to form the chemical bonds essential to its survival). In addition to preventing the growth of bacteria, these antimicrobial properties help thwart mold, fungi and more - all things that have no place in your shoes!

This Silver antimicrobial treatment has been encapsulated in our Drynamix Moisture management yarn to provide an optimum healthy foot environment that’s fresh and odor free.

We are very excited to introduce the Silver as the new pinnacle sock on the market. The technology captured in this sock speaks to the athlete who relies on the highest quality fibers and performance when training. The construction behind the sock design work is similar to the way running shoes are designed; lock in the heel, lock in the mid-foot but allow toes to move freely.

The innovation behind the Silver sock defies traditional footwear technology while providing ultimate comfort and a superior fit and feel. These socks come in a super charged fit (our most compression-like sock to-date) providing stability and control in every stride. The Silver sock uses a combination of different elastane modulus yarns and different knitting tensions to create a more compressive fit and arch support without constricting blood flow or movement. The innovative construction of the Silver provides a more structured fit around the arch and has more grip for quicker pick-up than any of Balega’s other sock styles.

Enjoy Balega’s trademark hand-linked toe box for seamless comfort in minimizing exposure to sheer friction blisters and an extra deep heel pocket, ensuring your sock does not slip down. The Silver sock has a no-show length and comes in six unique color combinations: Mild Grey/Neon Lime, White/Grey, Black/Carbon, White/Ink, Mild Grey/Aqua and White/Wildberry. The Silver socks are now at your local Balega retailer.