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Fresh New Colorways and Updated Ultralight Socks for Spring 2019

As flowers start to bloom and an array of green shades starts to pop all around us, it’s hard not to feel excited about the feeling of new beginnings as we head into Spring. For some, that means a good spring cleaning or maybe planting seeds to start a garden. For others, maybe the nice weather leads to a new outdoor workout routine or putting in longer training miles in preparation for summer races. This Spring, we want you to feel ready and look good tackling any adventure you have in the pipeline with our bright new spring colors and updated sock styles. We are very excited to announce the expansion of our Silver, Hidden Dry, Blister Resist, Women’s Enduro AND children’s Hidden Cool sock collections with bright new colorways in addition to a redesigned and updated Ultralight sock.

Balega Ultralight 

Picture of Balega Ultralight SocksTo start, our Ultralight socks will offer enhanced performance benefits including improved fit and compression, as well as enhanced cushioning in the No Show model. Made from ultra-fine, high-tech performance yarns on a high needle count knitting machine, our Ultralight sock offers the sheerest, lightest performance design while still providing critical protection. This medium-low volume sock offers enhanced, strategically shaped cushioning to not only follow the contours of your heel, but to also provide added comfort over the toe area. In addition, the strategic cushioning provides maximum protection and impact resistance. Our proprietary Drynamix® moisture wicking fibers and reinforced microfiber mesh ventilation panels keep feet cool and dry.

The fit of the Ultralight is defined by the Left/Right sock construction and the differentiated elastic bands that provide compression and ensure the perfect fit. Unique to all of our products, the Ultralight offers our trademark hand-linked toe closure system for a seamless, non-irritating fit.

The No Show Ultralights are available in 10 fresh new colorways including: Aqua/Pink, Electric Pink/Tangerine, Lilac/Aqua, Aloe/Red, French Blue/Lime, White/French Blue, Grey/White, Black/Lime, Midgrey and Ink/Cobalt. “The Ultralight running sock is as light as a feather and it’s specifically designed to provide contoured protection you can’t even feel on your foot,” explained Tanya Pictor, Vice President of Marketing for Balega. “We are excited to re-launch this collection with new updates as well as fashionable new colors.”


Balega Silver

Also new this spring, the award-winning Silver sock shows off its antibacterial, anti-odor properties with four new colorways including: Midgrey/Green Pepper, Neon Orange/Grey Heather, White/Aloe and Ultra Violet/Pinkberry.

Picture of Balega Silver Socks

Balega Women's Enduro No Show

The Women’s Enduro No Show is designed to mold perfectly to the narrower female foot. The sock offers medium volume construction, arch support and a high level of cushioning. The breathable mesh ventilation panel helps keep feet dry and comfortable, and the no-slip heel tab and seamless toe box helps prevent blisters. The women’s Enduro No Show sock is offered in three new colorways: Ethereal Blue, Ultra Violet and Bright Lilac.

Picture of Balega Women's Enduro Socks

Balega Blister Resist

Our Blister Resist socks are made with the natural Mohair fiber with its unique structure renowned for protection against sheer friction blisters, even with the most sensitive skin. Combined with our trademark Drynamix®, Mohair is twisted to create DRY-MO, a unique moisture management solution for ultimate performance and dry feet. Mohair also naturally prevents the growth of bacteria, making it an antimicrobial fiber. We are excited to introduce all-new Blister Resist No Show color options including: Ultra Violet/Bright Lilac, Ethereal Blue/Light Aqua, Lilac Rose/Electric Pink, Mink/Legion Blue, Legion Blue/Grey, Charcoal/Black, Midgrey and Green Pepper. 

Picture of Balega Blister Resist Socks

Balega Hidden Dry

The lightest sock in the collection, Hidden Dry, offers a unique triple-Y heel that creates a pocket ergonomically formed to the shape of your heel for ultimate fit and comfort. The new colorways include: French Blue/Navy and Electric/Bubblegum Pink.

Picture of Balega Hidden Dry Socks

Balega Kids Hidden Cool

To round out the new socks for Spring, the updated Kids Hidden Cool sock collection (MSRP $13) offers performance running socks for children. Like the adult models, these kid socks offer a reinforced heel and toe, a hand-linked seamless toe for seamfree comfort, soft plush cushioning for comfort and protection and a heel tab to prevent slippage. New colorways include: White/Blue, Midgrey/Red, Navy/Cobalt, Lime/Turquoise and Watermelon/Pink.

Picture of Balega Kids Hidden Cool Socks