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Balega UltraGlide
New UltraGlide Sock Offers Friction Free-Running and Eliminates Hot Spots

Starting this September, Balega is thrilled to bring to the running sock market a brand-new offering, the UltraGlide sock, aimed to eliminate the most common ailment among runners - hot spots. Many runners struggle with ‘hot spots,’ a pre-blister state that can lead to the formation of a blister. The UltraGlide is specifically designed to prevent hot spots with our unique, friction-free technology.

The UltraGlide features strategically placed, varied density cushioning pads, designed to protect the most vulnerable weight-bearing areas of the foot from blisters. That, combined with our proprietary Drynamix® fibers, which wick moisture away from the skin, reduce the friction potential and mechanical stress in the heel and ball of the foot, keeping your feet cool and dry. Additionally, we’ve added friction-free yarn made with PTFE that wraps around the first metatarsal head to the first toe joint to account for bunions or arthritic deformities. PTFE reduces friction and wear as its coefficient of friction is 0.1, the second lowest of any known solid material. Since any friction or rubbing produces heat, which in turn produces sweat, Balega's friction free yarn is 2 to 3 times more effective in reducing static and kinetic friction than standard nylon fiber. In addition, PTFE is also hydrophobic, so these socks do not only wick moisture away, but also repel water! Finally, the UltraGlides also feature an anatomically-shaped left/right construction.

The snug arch bands provide support and a compressive fit while ventilation panels offer breathability in the new UltraGlide socks. The cushioned V-shaped band on the top of the foot offers relief from shoelace pressure, and the double tab liners hold your socks securely in place, while the heel tab also protects the skin from blisters commonly caused by the friction of footwear near the Achilles tendon. Unique to all of our products, these socks are hand inspected for quality and feature a hand-linked toe closure system for a seamless, non-irritating fit. To take a closer look at how these new socks are constructed, check out the UltraGlide video here.

“For more than 15 years, Balega has offered solutions to many of the common problems runners experience, and each Balega sock collection is created for a specific purpose,” explained Tanya Pictor, Vice President of Marketing for Balega. “If you are prone to hot spots when you run, the UltraGlide is for you. With targeted cushioning, medium low volume, and a non-cushion flat knit structure, this highly technical new sock offers a friction-free running experience without bulk.”

The new UltraGlides are available now online and at your locate Balega dealer. Pick up a pair for yourself today!