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Woman running outdoors on tropical path in face mask
Balega Responds to COVID-19

Our Balega community has always been driven by kindness and compassion. We view Ubuntu - the Zulu word for “shared humanity” or “I am because we are” - as a calling. During this challenging and difficult time, we want to continue to share that message with you as it is now more important than ever. The health and wellbeing of our employees and our community is of the utmost importance.

Therefore, it is important to us that we remain a resource to help you stay active, healthy and motivated. We remain dedicated to our community and encourage you and our Impi family to come together virtually to spread positivity, and that we all do what we can to give back and support one another. We also want to show our appreciation for your business, because together, we will get through these challenging and uncertain times.

One way we can help during these unprecedented times is that we’ve been able to shift manufacturing in our South Africa factory from making socks, to instead producing face masks. When the South Africa government put a responsible lockdown on all businesses, our production was temporarily interrupted. Two weeks ago, we quickly hatched a plan to help, switching over our machines to produce face masks, in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 within South African communities. 


Dieline of a Balega face mask

Over the next four weeks, the team plans to manufacture and supply the local communities in South Africa with approximately 250,000 masks. The masks will be distributed to South African communities with simple instructional guides on why the masks are important and how they should be used. Unfortunately, the South African Government has put a temporary hold on exports of all “essential” products and medicines out of the country, so our masks are currently serving the South Africa community, until we are also able to ship them to the U.S. 

“One of Balega’s founding principles has always been about caring for the community. With the lockdown, our production has been temporarily interrupted, so we came up with a plan to try to help,” said Tanya Pictor, VP of Balega Marketing. “Progress on this project has been amazing and our first production is already shipping out.”

In the U.S., we are doing what we can by helping to raise funds for the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Solidarity Response Fund. Now through May 8, we are encouraging donations to the Solidarity Response Fund via the Balega website, and in return, we are giving customers a Buy 3 Get 1 coupon code to use as a thank you gift. You can use BALEGATHANKSYOU when you check out on Balega.com, and whether you’re able to make a donation or not, we appreciate you, your business and want you to know that. We remain dedicated to our community and encourage you, our Balega family, to come together virtually to spread positivity, give back in whatever ways you can, and be there for one another by showing kindness.

Stay SAFE out there, 
Your Balega Team