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Three Great Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season in a Socially Distanced Setting

As the holiday season is upon us, your family celebrations will most likely look quite different this year. But, just because this season looks different does not mean it has to be any less festive or that your cherished family time has to be cancelled. We have come up with a great list of socially distanced and immediate household member activities to help you and your loved ones celebrate this holiday season.

Craft “Together”

During the holiday season, decorating the house and making the space cozy for winter time may be one of your family’s long standing traditions. Try doing a homemade decoration exchange with those loved ones who aren’t able to share the same space. You can make anything from homemade ornaments to popcorn garland and paper snowflake chains.

Homemade holiday cards are another fun and festive way to spread your holiday cheer from afar. For this craft, schedule a video call with your family and friends to chat and enjoy some time making these cards together.

In preparation:

  • Plan a time that works for everyone to join a video call.
  • Make sure everyone has the crafting supplies they need/want for their homemade

holiday cards and/or homemade decorations.

Bake “Together”

What is the holiday season without your fair share of baked goods? Although you can’t share the kitchen, you can video call your loved ones and bake and decorate a gingerbread house together! Everyone can get as creative as they want and by the end, there will be so many different variations to make a whole gingerbread house village. Each household could make one gingerbread house or each person can make their very own!

In preparation:

  • Plan a time that works for everyone to join a video call.
  • Send out a recipe for everyone to use and make sure everyone has the necessary ingredients.
  • Make sure all of the decorations for the gingerbread houses are purchased as well.
    • Gumdrops, candy canes, red vines, marshmallows, M&M’s and any other


  • BONUS: Send out all of the fun gingerbread decorations in a cute mailed treat package to the rest of the family.

Festive Virtual Puzzle Night

Game nights bring the family together for some uninterrupted fun time. One “game” that can be played virtually are puzzles. Picture this: all of the households buy the same festive puzzle and work on the same puzzle together at the same time - over a video call. This is a super relaxing way to enjoy each other’s company and share in an experience together.

In preparation:

  • Plan a time that works for everyone to join a video call.
  • Make sure that everyone has the puzzle.
  • Find a comfy space in the house that you can work on the puzzle.

There are also a variety of virtual games you can organize and play. Jackbox.tv offers a variety of family-friendly games and Psych! is a game app that requires you to think strategically, articulate your answers, and sike your friends into choosing your game card. These are just a few examples, check out this list from RealSimple.com for more virtual game ideas!

And of course don’t forget to keep your loved ones warm and cozy this holiday season with the gift of their favorite Balega socks - perfect for stocking stuffers!

From all of us at Balega, we wish you a splendid and safe Holiday season!