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Woman lacing up running shoes next to woman sitting cross legged in pink Balega running socks
Why Good Running Socks Matter

Editor’s note: This is part one in our series “Why ‘good’ socks matter.” In this first post, we detail the science behind the Balega difference, and how to choose the perfect running sock for you.

Why “good” socks are good

So how exactly do good socks prevent blisters, toenail loss, heel slipping, and keep your feet happy? Designed to snugly hug your feet, Balega’s contoured running socks don’t shift around and cause friction -- the source of blisters -- a perk further ensured by the hand-linked, seamless toe closure. Four sizes to choose from further ensure your socks fit your feet perfectly.

Moisture is another source of blisters, and strategically-placed ventilation panels enhance cooling and wicking processes for a clean, dry fit. The result: all Balega socks are moisture wicking! And forget about stopping to pull up your socks -- our socks stay up in part thanks to an extra deep heel pocket. Knitted with 30 percent more stitches in the heel, our socks keep your heel fully protected and prevent lateral stretch. 

Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in Cape Town, South Africa and Hickory, North Carolina, each pair of our technologically advanced Balega socks are hand-inspected and pre-washed before reaching your feet.


How do I choose?

While cotton is rotten, there are so many stellar options to choose from! We asked our amazing Impi ambassadors who led virtual workouts as part of our Fitness Is Not Canceled live virtual workout series this spring about their favorite styles. Here are some of their favorites:

Alexis Reed, a Balega Impi who led multiple virtual workouts this spring, loves her Hidden Comfort socks because of their versatility and superior comfort. They're great for long hikes, long runs, and even just moving around at home.


Denise Sauriol, certified run coach and Balega Impi Ambassador. Her favorite pair of Balega socks are the Blister Resist with mohair because “they have gotten her through so many races and runs around the world." Denise is the author of the book Me, You & 26.2, a 7 Continents Club finisher, a 25 x Chicago Marathon finisher, and a Certified USATF Coach Level 1.


Man putting on blue Balega Silver running socks on gravel path

CC Rowe is the owner and head coach of WTF Endurance. Her favorite pair of Balega socks are the Silvers. She says: "I freaking adore them! They have the perfect amount of cushioning on the bottom, just enough compression around the instep/arch, and the colors are delicious. And the fact that they are naturally anti-stinky just makes me even happier!"


Man sitting cross legged on trail wearing blue and yellow Balega Enduro No Show running socks

Jamie Handlovits, who led a virtual kickboxing class this spring, favorite Balega sock is the Women’s Enduro No Show. She loves the fit and that the socks don’t slide around in your shoes, which is super important for workouts like kickboxing and running!

Lauren DeMarco led a virtual HIIT class in the spring. Her favorite pair of Balega socks are the new UltraGlides, which are engineered with moisture management fibers and a friction-free yarn, to keep your feet cool and dry. Their lightweight build and strategically protective cushioning make these the perfect minimal sock for every athlete.

Woman's putting on Pink Balega Running socks next to matching pink running shoes

Unsure which sock is for you? Our personalized Find Your Fit guide has got you -- and your feet -- covered. Happy and healthy adventuring!




In Part two of our series, we will detail horror and success stories from our Impi ambassador team and will share their top five reasons why good socks matter.