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Mothers Day card made by a child next to Magnolia flowers
Three Creative Ways to Celebrate a Socially-Distanced Mothers Day

Mother’s Day may look a bit different this year due to many people not being able to physically spend time with their mothers as a result of the stay-at-home orders and the importance of social distancing. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t virtually spend time with your mom, and show her just how special she is! We’ve pulled together three ideas for ways to celebrate a socially-distanced Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, May 10th.


Cook or Bake "Together"

Growing up, one memory you may have is spending a lot of time in your kitchen with your mom learning your grandmother’s famous recipes for everything from chocolate chip cookies to chicken pot pie. Not only will cooking “together” allow you to reminisce and spend quality time together, cooking is also known to be a great form of therapy

In preparation for Sunday:

1. Send mom a list of ingredients for a recipe and also make sure you have everything you need for the same recipe. If possible, try to find a recipe that means something special to your family. If you need any recipe inspiration, check out this food blogger’s Mother’s Day recipe collection!

2. FaceTime each other while you prepare the same meal. 

3. Talk about variations in the ingredients you’re using, send each other pictures of how your cooking process is going, and finally, sit down and enjoy the same meal together while you catch up and remind your mom how amazing she is. 

4. BONUS: Take your dinner date up a notch by dressing up, like you may have if you were taking your mom out to dinner for Mother’s Day.

People from all over the world have been hosting virtual dinner parties. Check out this Washington Post article about the unique ways people are virtually dining together and the joy it has sparked in maintaining connections. 


Woman cutting vegetables with chef knife in kitchen


Walk or Hike "Together"

It’s been proven that spending some time outdoors and/or being in contact with green space and natural stimuli has incredibly positive effects on our overall well-being. Exercising outdoors relieves a significant amount of stress and spending time in nature can act as a natural mood booster. All of these reasons make this next activity a great one for Mother’s Day. Not only does it allow you to spend quality time talking to your mom, it’s also providing both of you with many health benefits that we are all needing right now more than ever, amidst the current pandemic.


In preparation for Sunday:

1. Text/call your mom before Sunday to set up a time that works for both of you to go on a walk together. 

2. Each of you pick a route (or distance/time) that you are going to be walking or hiking so that your routes match up. 

3. Call you mom while you go for a walk or hike around your neighborhood or on a local trail. 

4. Take water breaks together and send each other photos of cool things and views you see while on your walk/hike. Don’t forget selfies!


Woman running on hiking trail with stroller


We are all being bombarded with advice online for ways to help us get through the current pandemic. One common thread is how beneficial the outdoors can be to our health. A recent Women’s Health article talks about how crucial movement and time spent outdoors can be for your mental health, and how it can help conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety. However, it’s very important that you follow your local state’s guidelines and only head outdoors if it’s safe to do so in your area. If you live somewhere that you are not able to go for a walk outdoors, then even opening a window and letting the sun and fresh air inside can provide similar benefits. Have your mom sit by her window, and you do the same, and enjoy a cup of tea together, still basking in the benefits of nature.


Woman sitting in a bed of flowers wearing Balega Silver running socks


Watch a Movie "Together"

If cooking isn’t your thing, and if the weather looks lousy in you (or your mother’s) area on Sunday, then stay indoors and get comfy! Whether you pick a movie that you’ve both been dying to see, or a movie that is a longtime family favorite, make sure you pick a good time - consider time zone differences - and have all of your snacks/drinks ready to go for movie night! Wrap yourself in blankets, light some candles, put on your comfiest sweats and slip on your favorite pair of Balega socks.


In preparation for Sunday: 
1. Text/call your mom before Sunday to set up a time that works for both of you to watch a movie together. 
2. Decide and/or debate on the movie! Send each other movie ideas leading up to Sunday (this Cosmopolitan article has plenty of suggestions to get you started!), and when you finally settle on one, make sure you both are able to stream the movie (for mothers who are not as technologically savvy, make sure they know how to rent or watch your chosen movie).
3. Make sure you both have your desired beverages (glass of wine!) and snacks (think movie theater popcorn, boxed candy, slushie, etc.). If you have time, ship your mom a “movie theater” care package to get her all set up for watching the movie with you on Sunday. 
4. BONUS: Netflix has the option to set up viewing parties called Netflix Party, which allows you to be watching the same thing at the same time, and chatting with each other during the movie. To get this set up, install the Netflix Party app and then open the movie you want to play on Netflix. You’ll then create your “party” which will generate a URL that you’ll share with your mom to join. 

Not sure what movie to watch? Thrillist also put out a list of The Best Movies of 2020 (so far) if you’re looking for some movie inspiration.


woman sitting on couch in Balega running socks


Finally, don’t forget to spoil mom with her favorite pairs of Balega socks. Use the promo code BALEGATHANKSYOU through May 8 at check out to Buy 3 Get 1 free! 

From all of us at Balega, we want to wish everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day!