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How Running Has Helped Me Through My Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

By: Kari deLongpré

I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety in 2016. At the time I had a 5-year-old and 2.5-year-old daughter. Looking back, I now know that I had suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety after my first daughter was born in 2011, but my experience was so different from the pamphlets that I saw in the OBGYN office that I didn’t recognize it at first. I was not necessarily sad or crying all the time, I was not curled up in a ball unable to function.  The opposite of that was actually true! I did a great job of functioning, was able to put on a brave and happy face to those around me, I genuinely loved my babies, but I was very irritable and more angry than normal. I was more afraid than I had ever felt before and was constantly looking for an exit plan in public places. While I was able to keep those feelings buried deep inside me for a long time, one can only function on adrenaline and fear for so long.

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I Went Outside Daily for Over 1,300 Days in a Row. Here’s 3 Things I Learned

By Amy Bushatz

When I moved my family to Alaska so we could spend more time outside, I never expected getting out the door would actually be hard. It’s just nature, right? How hard can it be?

Really hard, as it turns out. It wasn’t just the emotional exhaustion of relocating across the country, or the challenges of being in a wildly new place, unlike anywhere I had ever lived. They call Alaska “the last frontier” for a reason. It’s wild and untamed. Majestic peaks are paired with unpredictable wildlife, dramatic weather and months of darkness or, in the summer, only daylight.

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Looking to Mix Up Your Workout? Balega Impi Team Workout Ideas for Spring Training - Part 2

This is part two of a two-part spring training workout series. If you missed part one, which featured workouts such as the Hill Pyramid, ladder workout and the GPS Art Long Run, check out part one here. For those of you looking for more workout ideas, we’ve asked our Impi team ambassadors for more suggestions of their unique workout and training ideas. We hope these suggestions provided by the team motivate and/or spark new, creative ways to train this spring.

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Looking to Mix Up Your Workout? Balega Impi Team Workout Ideas for Spring Training - Part 1

With spring training upon us we wanted to ask the experts, our Impi team ambassadors for suggestions for their unique workout ideas. We hope these suggestions provided by the team might motivate or spark some new and creative ways to get active during your training this spring. This is part one of a two part spring training series.

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Celebrating Women’s History Month: Advice from Our Amazing Impi Ambassadors - Part 2

In part 2 of our blog series highlighting our amazing women Impi Ambassadors in honor of Women's History Month, we share the stories, role models and advice to younger women from Pilar Arthur-Snead, Nellie Putur, Kelly McLay, Lisa Miyake, Amanda LaVergne, Denise Sauriol and Heather Moreau-Kralj. We hope you feel inspired by the messages from these amazing women.

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Balega Grows 2021 Impi Team by Welcoming 270+ Global Ambassadors

Balega is so proud to announce our 2021 Impi Ambassador team! Our Impis help represent the Balega brand by spotlighting our core brand pillars – performance, excellence, harmony, creativity and community.

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Getting to Know Impi Ambassador Adina Crawford

A Maryland based runner and yoga teacher, Adina Crawford (@deanietheyogini) exudes positive energy and an encouraging attitude. Her story is filled with mindfulness, inspiration and gratitude. Read on to learn about her experience with running and her advice to those who need a little passion in their lives.

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Celebrating Women’s History Month: Advice from our Amazing Impi Ambassadors - Part 1

In honor of Women's History Month, we want to take the opportunity to feature some of the amazing women ambassadors we have on our Impi team! We truly wish we could tell each of their stories - we are so proud and honored to have so many incredible women on our team representing the Balega brand. We asked them to share with us their stories, role models and advice to younger women, and below are the responses from our Impis Lindsay McClelland, Nicole F. Pizza, Amy Bushatz, Tawnya Betancourt, Helen Galerakis, Nancy Hobbs and Kristen Hislop. We hope you feel inspired by the messages from these amazing women and stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog series!

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Robben Island Crossing

Se7en (@se7en_hoods), one of our returning Impi ambassadors lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her family, and recently she completed the Robben Island Crossing, an incredibly challenging open water swim. She is a runner, swimmer and all-around adventurer. We sat down with Se7en to hear about her experience swimming the Robben Island crossing and why she can never back down from a challenge. To read Se7en’s experience on her personal blog, check out her article, The Time Has Come to Swim the Robben Island Crossing.

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Setting a Guinness World Record for Most Consecutive Half Marathons: A Q&A with Impi Ambassador Sharon Jessop

Born and raised in South Africa, Balega ambassador, Sharon Jessop (IG: @go_well_with_sharon) lives and breathes running and rhinos. She started working to break the Guinness World Record for most consecutive half marathons in September 2020. She ended up breaking the record with 101 consecutive half marathons plus one more she did the morning after 101, just for fun. Read below to see our interview with her, and discover her passion, her experience and her advice. 

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The “Sole” Behind the Balega Brand / 2021 Partner Organizations

Community is a core pillar of Zulu culture and a fundamental part of the Balega brand and our corporate responsibility. For 2021, we are honored to partner with organizations that give back and help our larger communities in America and South Africa.

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Advice for Transitioning to Long Distance Backpacking from an Ultrarunner

In 2017, my future fiancé and I took the leap from being a couple of dirtbag runners to bonafide thru-hiker trash by hiking the Continental Divide Trail together with our 2-year-old pup Moose. I must admit, coming from a background of trail and ultra running, I immediately thought our 25-mile per day goal (+ rest days) to make it from Mexico to Canada along the backbone of the country would be doable - hard, but doable. In retrospect, I was an idiot, but so were all of the people who told me, “the transition from runner to thru-hiker is seamless.” It’s not, but it does certainly put you at an advantage to have some hard mountain miles on your legs prior to a thru-hike.

Below are a few tips on making the transition a little more seamless if you’re planning a long distance hike.

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Three Great Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season in a Socially Distanced Setting

As the holiday season is upon us, your family celebrations will most likely look quite different this year. But, just because this season looks different does not mean it has to be any less festive or that your cherished family time has to be cancelled. We have come up with a great list of socially distanced and immediate household member activities to help you and your loved ones celebrate this holiday season.

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How to Successfully Stroll with Kids in Tow

Whether you’re running for fun or training for a race, bringing your little ones along for the ride in a stroller might have to be a part of the plan. While it may not always be the most productive run you’ll do (you can go ahead and lower those expectations right now), bringing the kids and stroller with you has many benefits, including getting everyone out for some fresh air, providing a convenient place for your water and phone, and most of all, your kiddos watching you make movement and exercise an important part of your day.

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Finding Community in Motherhood (In the Midst of a Pandemic)

This time is unprecedented for all of us, but the reality of being a new mom during a pandemic can be extremely scary and isolating. Motherhood is not meant to be done alone. We all thrive when we have community and as a new mother, having a community of moms is one of the most critical ways to get through the hard days and the even harder nights! (Did someone say sleep deprivation?) You can read all the books, but when another mom says, “I was up every two hours last night, too” you finally feel like you are not the only one!

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Balega’s New Limited Edition Hidden Comfort Sock to Benefit Lesedi Project

Community, giving back and helping those less fortunate are fundamental parts of the Balega brand. Embodying these values, Balega is proud to launch a limited edition collection of Hidden Comfort socks to benefit the Lesedi Project, Balega’s non-profit organization and give-back initiative to strengthen South African and American communities.

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2021 Impi Ambassador Team Application is Now OPEN

We are very excited to announce that the application has officially opened for our sixth annual Impi ambassador team. For 2021, we will welcome applicants from around the globe to help represent Balega by spotlighting our brand’s core pillars – performance, excellence, harmony, creativity and community. Applications will be accepted through Sunday, December 6, 2020.

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Let's Get Virtual for Camp Shout Out!

Like most things this year, Camp Shout Out for Youth Who Stutter turned their usual camp, virtual. While we all knew that it would be hard to mirror the unique experience camp brings through a computer screen, it still held all the values and practices that make it so special to the campers (and the adults). Another part of camp that has actually been virtual for the last five years (clearly they were ahead of the times) is the Camp Shout Out Virtual 5K. This run/walk helps raise scholarship money for campers who would not otherwise be able to afford to attend Camp Shout Out (CSO). 

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Balega Holiday Gift Guide + Sock Giveaway

In honor of the giving season and the upcoming holidays, we are putting together six weeks of Balega giveaways! For the six weeks leading up to the last week of December, we will be giving away three pairs of Balega socks from each of the below categories. Enter for a chance to win the socks that are most applicable to you or someone special in your life!

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Balega Introduces New Styles in Hidden Comfort and Hidden Dry Collections

Balega’s award-winning and best-selling Hidden Comfort and the super light Hidden Dry sock collections now are available in all new colorways for Fall! Spruce up your sock drawer with fresh styles in your go-to socks.

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